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Health is a software application designed for people with Diabetes and/or Hypertension (High Blood Pressure due to heart disease). Health software records and graphs your Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure (Systolic, Diastolic, and Pulse), Weight, Temperature, A1c Test, Cholesterol, Supplements, Medications Schedule, Questions for the Doctor, Bowel Movement, Medical Team, Meal Plan, and Pain values. The data can be viewed in a line or bar graph. The software contains an array of statistics.

The latest addition to the software is the 'Leg Cramps' module. It allows the user to track any leg cramps he may experience. Cramps mostly occur while sleeping. The calf muscle knots up and burns like the depths of hell. Quite common amongst diabetics. The user logs the Date/Time of the cramp, which leg was affected by the cramp, the intensity of the pain (0 to 50) involved, and any comments the user may have concerning the leg cramp.

The 'Kidney, Liver, Thyroid, and Urine Test Results' module. This module will record the results of blood test for evaluating your kidneys, thyroid, and liver. The results of urine tests are also recorded. There are 30 defined data columns to record the test results. The user can change the name of the data columns as desired.

The 'My Doctor Visits' module. The intent is so the patient has a way to rate and document the interaction with a medical professional at a medical facility. It can also serve as a reminder of what problems or concerns that did not get resolved at the last appointment. The unresolved concerns may have to be addressed at the next appointment.

The 'My Feet' module. This is where the user can record the problems that a diabetic is having with his feet. It is important for a diabetic to take good care of his feet.

The 'Medical Team' module. The Medical Team and Appointment Schedule module to the diabetes software package. This is where you can keep track of the contactinformation and characteristics of the medical professionals you interact with. Think of it like a medically oriented address book. Also added the Number of BG Tests per Day to the Overall Statistics window of the BG module. Kinda handy to see your testing frequency over time.

The 'Meal Plan' module. You can record the components for all the meals, snacks, and beverages you consume. The components of the meal are the Calories, total weight of the meal, weight of carbohydrates, total fat content, and protein. All weight related components are to be in grams. This is very important to people on restricted diets.

The 'Pain' Form. You can record and graph all your aches and pains. The pain level range is from 1 to 100. Create a diabetes database for each type of pain you experience. You can see it evolves over time. Keep in mind that the pain module is very subjective in nature since each person looks at pain differently. Keep records of any pain that may relate to heart disease.

The 'Bowel Movement' Form. Many different factors like diet, medications, stress, disease, environment, etc can have a dramatic effect on a person's bowel movement. The effects cam be prolonged constipation or very nasty diarrahea. The user simply logs the date/time, and the Level of Difficulty. The software records and graphs the elapsed time and level of difficulty. It has full printing to paper capability.

The Cholesterol Form can record and graph your total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, VLDL, and Chol/Hdlc. It has full printing to paper capabilities. The maintaining of good cholesterol numbers is very important to a diabetic to prevent complications due to cardiovascular disease.

The 'Medications' Form can now record and track when you take Supplements/OTC medications and Prescription medications. The Meds Form consists of two grids. The upper grid is for Supplements/OTC Meds and the lower grid is for Prescription meds. When you take a medication, record the date/time in the appropriate grid. A good way to keep track of your meds over time. It has full printing to paper capabilities.

The 'Temperature' Form is where you can record and graph your body temperature. All sorts of things can cause your temperature to increase, like - fever, allergies, flu, colds, etc. Like rising BG's, rising temperature can be a indicator of things to come. It has full printing and graphing capabilities.

The 'My Diary' Form represents a place where the User has a place to write down or document their daily battles with diabetes. It can be used for aches and pains, descriptions of hypos, occurance of neuropathy, when you take your medications, etc. Think of it as your teenage daughter's diary. It's function is whatever you decide. It has full and partial printing capabilities. Learn about alternative views related to key causes of diabetes.

The software contains a Form for dietary Supplements, Over The Counter non prescription, and Prescription medications. The user enters all the diabetes dietary supplements, OTC Meds, and Prescription Meds being used. Prints the data to paper, and gives the paper to the doctor/nurse/pharmacist for evaluation. Supplements and OTC Meds sometimes are dangerous to use and also interact with prescription medications. All sorts of nasty things can happen when drugs unkowingly interact. Hopefully, the medical team will properly evaluate what you are taking, and advise you to dangerous or unwise supplements and or OTC Meds. Be careful with supplements, especially when symptoms of heart disease are present. Be aware about methods to stop or prevent a heart attack.

The software contains a 'Questions For Doctor' Form. A person with diabetes often uses multiple medical professionals. Example: GP, Endo, Podiatrist, Nurse, Dietician, etc. Each medical person looks at diabetes within the context of their expertise. our relationship within each professional is different, and the questions you have for each is different. Since the next appointment for each medical person may be six months away, questions you may have today may be forgotten at the appointment. That is where the Questions Form enters the picture. Enter the person's name, the appointment date, and your question. Do this for each medical professional you interact with. As the respective appointment date grow near, your questions will no doubt grow. Just print the questions to paper and hand the paper to the appropriate medical person. You can Edit or Delete the questions at any time. The Questions Form keeps everything organized for you.

The software is Freeware. The software does not collect personal information, contains no spyware, does not phone home, no Registration process, and is not ad based. Use only on a MS Windows operating system.

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